Sizing a Quadrotor Battery with Geometric Programming

Quadrotors are a fantastic tool for aerial imagery. Though one of their greatest downsides is their flight time, due to the limited specific energy (energy per weight) of their batteries. In many cases, a quadrotor could fly for longer if it used the right battery. There are a couple of different wa ...(Read more)

Optimizing Rocket Landing Legs with Geometric Programming

At the moment, many aerospace companies are focussed on the concept of full reusability, where a launch vehicle is reused after it sends a payload to space. This is an innovative idea compared to the traditional approach of expendable launchers, which fall into in the ocean after boosting a payload ...(Read more)

Getting Started with Geometric Programming

Introduction Geometric programming, or GP, is a powerful method of describing and solving engineering problems. While it can be tricky to understand at first, once mastered, GP can be extremely useful to engineers. It allows you to explore new project spaces, rapidly make design decisions and pu ...(Read more)

Introducing Prandtl

The Problem Engineers today aren't much without computers. Though computers can attack simulations well, they often struggle with simpler questions involving trade offs. Most of the time, engineers guess at trade offs or explore a limited range of solutions, when the computer is capable of doing ...(Read more)